Patient Services
Personalized Mental Health Care Offered by Dr. Plotkin includes:
* Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation & Diagnosis
* Psychotherapy - Individuals, Couples & Families
* Psychopharmacologic Management
For Those with Aging Related Issues:
* Evaluation & Management of Memory Problems
* Coordination of Care (includes communication with
     patient's healthcare providers and family)
* Family Consultation & Therapy
* Makes Referrals to Extensive Network of Trusted Professionals
    (eg. speech & physical therapists, care management, etc.)
* Makes House Calls, Hospital & Facility Visits 

Insurance & Billing Information
Dr. Plotkin does not participate in any insurance plan, including Medicare, for which he is on "opt out" status (Medicare does not cover services rendered by physicians who have opted out).  Patients who want to seek reimbursement will receive an itemized statement that they can submit to their insurance company for direct reimbursement when applicable.        
Dr. Plotkin's fees for all services are based on time.  The initial consultation is usually 1.25 hours and payment is expected at the time of service by cash, check, VISA or MasterCard.  Subsequent visits will be billed by mail and usually range in length from 30 min. to 50 min or longer as determined by individual case needs.  
10780 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suite #320
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Ph: 424-320-4884

Fax: 877-936-7159​